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This article inspired by Paulo Coelho on his book The Alchemist.
"Go!, explore the world, see and look for the truth and the secret of life. Whatever the way that you choose, it will guide you to the beginning. You will find the source of truth and the secret of life in the beginning of your journey. Your long journey will not drop you to the end whereas it will drive you to the beginning. Go to back, go around the world to find your way home. As far as any step of your feet, but remember! you will turn to the beginning''

The preambule of his book makes me stunned for a while. Yup, I am falling in love with this book, directly I took this book and went to cashier. I did not need long time to eat the book, because every page makes me addicted. As delicious as chocolate, I read the book very fast and enjoy. Even, some pages make me cry. I feel the author knows exactly what I feel in this life. The problem, the conflict, the perspective, the storyline made me melted.

I dont know how the author can write the stories very crispy but it still has philosophy content. Light but full of meaning. I felt I was entering into the stories, to be one of the figures. The chain of sentences are right on target. My heart is pierced by every word that came out of each page.

Sometimes I feel I want to be author like Coelho, he has a freedom to enjoy every single moment without worried. He travels around the world and learns from the place that he had visited. After he got many inspiration he writes down on the page and inspires many people, he also makes foundation for poor children in Brazil that gives free education for them.

That is a perfect life, doing something based on his passion, producing inspiring book, spreading value, and giving inspiration for others. Coelho said that his way was not easy in the beginning. We know that to be author can not make us rich, but if we are patient and we raise our skill, it can be.

I still learn, how people feel like robot, when just collect the money every day. Wake up in the morning and back to home on the night. Sleeping with office problem in the head. Saturday and sunday to be freedom time to sleep hole day or hanging out to the mall. Earn money and spend it.

Some of my friend that have high position in multinational company, have much money but sometimes if we meet and sharing together, they say that they like a robot. They cant to make socialisation with society, the dont have many time even to read a book. They feel that their time boughted by their company.

''I miss my time while I was college, I can enjoy the life without burden. I feel free'' my friend said to me.

Yup, life is the choice. Some of my friends decided to resign and chose what they want. NGO, foundation, Social movement organisation is one of their choices. Income clearly reduces, but they are happy.

Making balance between passion and money are not easy. In one side sometimes we must choose one of two. You get passion but you lost your big salary or you get money but you feel empty in your heart. Some people prefer to keep their big salary because of many reasons, family, schooling, or any privat reason. After they have much deposit, they quit and do the passion in the oldhood. They use their time and money to develop their hobbies.

Opposite, people who have big idealism, they quit with or without deposit. Do their passion, work as volunteer in NGO, or just to be elementary teacher in remote area. I guess it is extreme, but I respect for their brave to go out form the comfort zone.

The conclusions of my writing are whatever we choose, just choose with full of awareness based on our passion, and one value that you should never forget, we will turn to zero point. You can interpret by yourself what the zero point for you is, it can be your hometown, die time or submission to God. You can travel around the world, you can earn much money, but still, you will turn back to the origin.

I always remember what my teacher said: ''you can not find happiness on your money, but you can feel happy on your heart that fulfilling of grateful to God''

This book recommended to read, because every page will make you to be wanderer.

Bunda Nisa


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