The Book of Life

This posting will explore about my impression after I watched the book of life movies.

Why this movie grab my attention, it just because of the value and message from this movie.
From the beginning, I reviewed the story, The book of life told about Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears.

I was underlined the word fears and dream. Its captured me. You know, we always failed by our fears, not by situations. For example, that you not brave to talk in the public area, its not because of your ability, its just because of your fearness. 
We have a big dream, but we afraid to reach that, even we afraid to begin with a little step. Sometimes we are confuse because of some choices in front of us. Sometimes God deliberately gives you some choices (sometimes confusing choice) to testing us how consistent we are. 

Like manolo, his father wants him to be bullfighter, but manolo didnt want to be a bullfighter, instead he want to be a musician. Gradually, the film try to told us about Manolo's greatest fear was not fighting the bull it self, but choosing to live the life that he wanted to live aside from his father's expectations. What I find most striking about this part of the film is that manolo had to fight in order to be brought back to life. He had to try and that is the basis of life, perseverance. He had to face his anxieties and come to terms with himself in order to live. 
In particular, the scene where Manolo begins to strum his guitar and is immediately thrown backwards by the bull is a testament to Manolo’s anxieties. Whatever you choose in life, more then likely, somebody will try to put you down and make you doubt yourself. But, just like Manolo, we have to get back up and continue. We must continue to do what we believe in no matter what punches we may get for it.

The viewers are given a clear message delivered by the three main characters.  You must fight for what you believe in. If you do not at least try, it is all over. The presence of Manolo’s family pushed him forward. The people that had died before him had given it their all even if it resulted in death. We also must remember the people that came before us and the hardships they had faced. Even if we never knew them in life, just the fact that they are apart of us is the testament to the fact that they did not give up. If we imagine ever meeting our departed family again, we must be able to tell them that we tried the best we could. We cannot allow ourselves to betray the people who persevered before us. 

He accept all risk of his decision. He struggle to keep his dream.
Manolo did everything he could without giving up. It is a fact of life that sometimes we can do everything we can and still be met with unfortunate circumstances. That is always a distinct possibility, but if you let that scare you then you have no chance at all. Maria, Manolo, and Joaquin came to understand the true meaning of their childhood maxim. “No retreat, no surrender.” You must not run from yourselves. You must keep going and never quit. The word ; No retreat, No surrender always repeat in most of scene. Repetition makes us remember the message. 

The Candlemaker in this film gives us out last look at the film by showing us some blank pages from the book of life. He encourages us to ‘write our own story’. Clear as day, the film is telling it’s audience that every story is worth being written. If you do not try then your story is just a blank page. 
The Book of Life is a colorful story of culture and magic that transcends country borders and speaks to each and ever one of us directly. Live your life and never ever give up on writing your story.

 The book of life implores its viewer to live their lives no matter what obstacles we face and to turn away from self defeat.

Aaaand yup this film accordance with my expectations, I love this movie. The book of life reach me on a personal level:).

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